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 The President's Role
The Role of the President

  • President is the head of state and symbol of unity of the Republic.

  • President is elected by the Electoral College comprising Senate, National Assembly and the four Provincial Assemblies.

  • He is elected for the term of five years and can be re-elected but can hold office only for two consecutive terms.

  • Being the Constitutional Head of the State, Supreme Command of the Armed Forces vests in the President. He is an integral part of the Parliament, who is approached for the requisition of the National Assembly and the Senate Session.

  • His Annual Address to the Joint Session of the Parliament has immense significance for democracy in the State.

  • The President is the final authority in matters regarding Capital Punishments and possesses the power to The President must be kept informed on all the legislative matters by the Prime Minister. He exercises his functions in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet or the Prime Minister.

  • The president may seek briefing from Prime Minister on any administrative affair of the Country.

APRIL 16, 2014
President Elect Mamnoon Hussain took Oath of the office as country s 12th Head of State for the next five years.Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry administered Oath to the new President at a ceremony...