Press Release Detail
Dated: 4/6/2015

It is my great pleasure to extend greetings to the Christian community celebrating this year’s Easter festival all over the world and in particular to those living Pakistan. The Christians as well as all minorities of Pakistan are equal citizens of the State and entitled to equal rights.

The true message of Easter is one of love, joy and happiness. Easter is a time for festivity, celebration and rejoicing. It is also a reminder to all of us of the teachings of Jesus Christ and his message of love, forgiveness and brotherhood.

We, as Muslims deeply respect and give honour to Jesus Christ as one of the great messengers of Allah. In today’s strife and conflict ridden world, the universal message of love of Jesus Christ can bring harmony and peace in our lives.

On this occasion, I wish to acknowledge and appreciate the constructive role played by the Christian community in the development and progress of the country. They are a law-abiding and loyal community and we are proud of their tremendous contributions to the advancement and development of the country.

On this auspicious occasion, I also wish to reiterate the commitment of the democratic Government of Pakistan to continue to struggle alongwith our Christian brethren for the rights of all minorities and deprived people and to establish a liberal and pluralistic society in the country where all minorities are equal citizens of the state and allowed to partake in its development on an equal footing.

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