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Message: On the occasion of World Standards Day 14th October, 2015
Dated: 10/13/2015

Creating and sustaining confidence amongst people across geographical boundaries, in all spheres, is inevitable for promoting and sustaining economic and trade relations amongst various nations. The World Standards Day is being observed today with the theme “Standards – a world’s common language” International standards manifests the consensus, in this behalf, of the world’s leading experts in industrial sectors ranging from energy utilities and energy efficiency to transportation, management systems, climate change, healthcare, safety and information and communication technology (ICT). International standards bodies such as IEC, ISO, and ITU provide cohesion to a myriad of national and regional standards, thereby harmonizing global best practices, eliminating technical barriers to trade and fostering shared socio-economic vision. This institutional framework for harmonization of standards and bringing transparency to their conformity requires positive change by removing barriers to communication and cooperation amongst all the countries and provides building blocks for global prosperity. All these benefits are ultimately passed on to the consumers in the form of greater choice, assured quality and lower prices.

Standards are now accessible to developing countries as well, thus helping them to make the best use of their human and material resources to achieve objectives of today’s theme. Adherence to cohesive standards helps organizations to maximize gains and meet their objectives and is essential for success in today’s demanding and competitive business environment. I believe industry of Pakistan is in the process of adopting this quality culture. More efficient industrial and business processes conforming to standards, empower companies to compete internationally. Globally harmonized standards promote the compatibility of a huge variety of products and services as these have been developed to enhance effectiveness and decrease overheads.

I would like to appreciate Ministry of Science & Technology and PSQCA for playing a leading role in the adoption of international standards and moving towards harmonizing the national standards with international & regional standards, thus generating greater awareness of the importance of Standards. In accomplishing this task, PSQCA has rightly involved civil society and the corporate sector without which it would not have been possible to adequately meet the quality standards. Pakistani industry is facing immense challenges in the form of intense competition, high degree of price sensitivity and pressure to produce high-quality products. International standards adopted as Pakistan Standards by PSQCA will enable Pakistani companiesto understand and meet international quality requirements.

I hope that the observance of the World Standards Day with the theme “Standards – the world’s common language” will help to generate the requisite interest and motivation, amongst stakeholders both from the public and private sector, about the impact of Standards in promoting the competitiveness.

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