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President Mamnoon Hussain has said that the government is taking concrete measures for revival of national economy.
Dated: 11/2/2015

President Mamnoon Hussain has said that the government is taking concrete measures for revival of national economy. The President stated that conducive environment has been provided for promoting investment in the country adding in this regard comprehensive and liberal regulations have been adopted which have no parallel in the region.

The President said this while addressing the International Conference on “Responsible Leadership for Sustainable Economy” organized byInstitute of Cost and Management Accountants (ICMA) here in Bhurban, Murree on Saturday.

The President noted that the national economy suffered in the past few decades because of regional situation and certain internal issues due to which economic activities got affected and difficulties of people increased. To resolve these issues, the government has taken bold measures due to which conducive environment is being evolved in the country for investment and such regulations are being framed which favour investors, stated the President. The President said that as a result of these policies Pakistan has become an attractive country in the region for both domestic and foreign investment and local and foreign investors are being attractive towards it.

The President stated that construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is also a result of such policies. With the functioning of economic corridor new opportunities for local and foreign businesses would be created in Pakistan and to make these successful the country would need experts in different sectors to stabilize economy on permanent basis for which professional institutions should now start preparations, said the President. The President stated that national economy would be stabilized on permanent basis with the completion of economic corridor and allied projects. This project is so important that Central Asian States have already started preparations to take advantage of it, said the President. 

The President noted that due to wars and terrorism in the region all areas in the country got affected and the economy suffered extraordinary losses. To rectify this situation there was a need to take action under a comprehensive policy and for this reason the government under National Action Plan (NAP) started operation in different parts of the country to eradicate terrorism and has decided that it would continue till elimination of the last terrorist, added the President. The President hoped that to attain this national goal Pakistani nation and particularly technocrats would support the government and the armed forces. The President said that Pakistan is desirous of having friendly relations with all countries of the region particularly with its neighbours for prosperity in the region and elimination of extremism.

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