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President Addresses National Harmony Workshop
Dated: 5/14/2015

President Mamnoon Hussain has said that the scourge of terrorism is taking its last breath owing to effective actions by the state against the terrorists. The President said that Wednesday’s tragic incident in Karachi showed desperation of terrorists.

The President stated this while addressing the visiting delegates of National Defence University (NDU) workshop on National Harmony at Aiwan-e-Sadr on Thursday.

The President said that Pakistan is facing challenges of terrorism and extremism and noting that Wednesday’s cowardly terrorist act was an attempt by anti-state elements to create fissures and despondency in the society.

The President said that Armed Forces of Pakistan has achieved commendable successes against terrorists and hoped that terrorism and extremism will be soon cleansed from the country.

The President observed that for over a decade Pakistan faced severe waves of militancy and extremism but the country and the nation not only bravely stood up to terrorists but also took successful actions against the enemies of the state due to which menace of terrorism is now taking its last breath. The President emphasized that Operation Zarb-e-Azb will continue till the elimination of last terrorist.

The President underlined the need on promoting national harmony in the country and called upon educational institutions across the country to play their due role in promoting harmony.  The President observed that a nation could progress only through unity and solidarity and called for turning such challenges into opportunities.

The President said that process is underway to bring the divided strata of society into the national mainstream for which efforts are being made to address the grievances of people from Tribal Areas and Balochistan. The President hoped that there will be a new era of national harmony in the country in the coming years. The President observed that holding of workshops like this by NDU and alike institutes have also played a role in enabling the creation of current environment of political maturity, fraternity and harmony in the country.

The President said that corruption has badly damaged the country emphasizing that each individual of the society should play part in eliminating this curse. He also emphasized on the social boycott of corrupt elements for eradicating the menace of corruption. The President stressed that concerted struggle must be waged for elimination of corruption for setting a bright example for the future generations.

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