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Addressing the Pakistan Day Parade
Dated: 3/24/2016

President Mamnoon Hussain Wednesday said Pakistan was playing a vital role against extremism and terrorism and would play its part in global efforts to fight these threats to bring peace to the world.

Addressing the Pakistan Day Parade here at the Shakarparian ground, the President said Pakistan has always stood for peace and its efforts in this regard have been globally recognized. He mentioned Pakistan's desire for peace, particularly with its neighbours, however said that "our desire for peace should not be construed as our weakness."

The President said, "The enemy must understand not to dare cast an evil eye against us". "We will not shy away from any sacrifice to safeguard our frontiers," he said.

The President said Pakistan has today come a long way and despite its initial challenges, it has not only made a place in the comity of nations, but was continuing to strive for peace and stability in the world and the region. President Mamnoon Hussain said Pakistan's efforts for global peace were also reflective from its contribution to the UN Peace Missions to Congo, Somalia and Haiti.

Mamnoon said Pakistan has faced many a onslaughts against it by the enemy, but said each time they got a befitting response. The President said Pakistan's enemies had thought that the new country could not survive, however through sheer determination and self-reliance, the country was today a recognised nuclear power and brought balance of power to the region.

He reiterated Pakistan's desire for peace in the region and the world at large and said the strong professional army and modern weapon systems were only for country's defence. He assured that the government would fulfill all requirements of the armed forces.


President Mamnoon Hussain said Pakistan desired a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute and said it would continue the political, moral and diplomatic support of the Kashmiri people. The President said Pakistan today was facing the threat of extremism and terrorism, which were aimed at putting an end to the pace of development and progress in the country. He said the brave Pakistani nation and its armed forces have rendered numerous sacrifices and gained success against the terrorists. The North Waziristan area would soon be free of the terrorists, he added.

"Our objective is to clear the entire country of this scourge. Operation Zarb-e-Azb would continue till the elimination of the last terrorist," the President said. The President said the Pakistan Day reminds of the great vision of the founding father Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other leaders who got a new homeland for the people of Pakistan.

He said the problems the country faced today stemmed from violation of merit, injustice, nepotism and little respect for law. He said efforts were underway to rectify these faults and said government was endeavouring to provide easy access to education and to make the country a real Islamic Welfare State.


The President lauded the Armed Forces for the wonderful parade, their valour and courage and said 23rd March was a day for ideological reckoning and to demonstrate that the entire Pakistani nation stood as one to make the country invincible. He said the demonstration of country's modern weapon systems and a strong military reflected that they were ready to defend the country at all costs.

He said Pakistan Day reminded us of the great vision of the founding father and said it was time to pledge that the nation would do its best to fulfill the objectives for which the country was created.

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